How to Get Involved 

volunteer as a teacher to teach english

Skype sessions are usually once a week and runs for an hour. Teaching materials are provided and students have a matching set of learning materials. Teacher and learner participants agree on a predetermined day and time and off they go in the Skype lesson. As a teacher, it is very satisfying to know that you are providing a useful service to someone's future thousands of miles away, and establishing a connection with another human being in a country and culture completely different from one's own.

participate in language and culture exchange

Participants in this program are generally students of languages. As a language and culture exchange partner, you will benefit greatly by speaking interactively with a peer in another language to deepen your linguistic skills in that language.

be a chapter host

iTeachCommunity 'hosts' its services by sourcing native English speakers from Brown University, where it started as a club in 2010. Northern Sydney Institute in Australia, as a chapter host, duplicates the services provided by Brown University. iTeachCommunity will provide you with assistance, resources and training to help you start a chapter. A chapter host may seek its own language partners or be provided with existing and new partners we have cultivated.

be a language exchange partner

If you are looking for an opportunity to improve your spoken English by having interactive conversations with a native speaker, then join us as a language exchange partner. Ideally you would have a moderate skill level in writing and reading English. Students from our university's language department seeks partnerships with reciprocating universities whose students would like conversation partners. 

take up an Internship

Opportunities abound in iTeachCommunity to participate in helping to develop curriculum, preparing and updating learning materials, assisting in the organization of skype sessions with global partners and much more.